Implementing a “Mr. Rogers” wholesome feel in every neighborhood we cover.


Our driving force is to treat all of our Delivery Associates with the utmost respect. Always treat them as adults and never someone who is beneath an employer, but more as a partner. Always take time to not just hear, but to listen, understand, and consider when “hearing” them out. Always inspire, teach, and learn from them. Here at TFL we understand that our team is the core of operations. This is what we give; we give an expression of care every day to our team, to help them realize that each employee is unique. We feel that if we as motivators can only make it clear that feelings are mention-able and manageable, we will have done a great service for mental health. Our number one rule is simple yet so powerful; drive without emotion but with a lot of passion.

“The space between the Delivery Associate and the customer…we consider that holy ground.”