Don’t let the struggles of hiring and high risk liabilities set you back from operations. Let us do the transporting while you focus on business. We keep our eyes on the road with your best interest in mind.

Timely Fashion Logistics, Inc. is a transporting company that will pick up and deliver any vehicle anywhere within the tristate area. Whether it’s an inventory going to the auction, a car that needs to be taken to the dealer to get serviced, or a customer that requested to have their vehicle dropped off, we can handle it. We are skilled, certified, and fully insured.

Why pay…when you can outsource and save!


  • Payroll
  • Hiring Costs
  • Drug Testing
  • Driver’s Abstracts
  • Educational & Safety Trainings
  • GPS Tracking
  • Dashboard Cameras
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Health Benefits
  • Overtime

As of December 2019, statistics show that Amazon was shipping approximately 2.5 billion packages per year.  That total will only increase as time goes by. Although Amazon has paved the way for the fastest turnaround in logistics history, they still outsource the aspect that consists of managing the fleet, routes, and drivers. Have you ever wondered why they would give up that “piece of the pie”?  Ultimately, it’s because the risk is too high, and the liabilities can literally wipe a corporation out of business.  It’s just not worth the headache.

Why pay…when you can outsource and save!


If you are looking to be employed by us, we ask that you thoroughly read through our terms section. If you are still interested in a position with us, click into the Employee Welcome Package. Scan and submit all the requested documents to
To acquire our services as a Vehicle Transporter (VT) for your company.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen,

Congratulations to you for taking the first step towards joining our team. If you are inquiring about employment opportunities with us, then you are considering either a FULL, PART or FLEXIBLE time position with us transporting luxury vehicles.

If you are reading this, we are assuming that you currently have a driver’s license in good standing and are an experienced driver. We understand that you may be currently employed. However, this is a unique opportunity that will allow you to either come on board with us full time or work part time at your convenience based on your schedule.

We are a transporting company. The job description consists of transporting (driving) luxury vehicles to and from rental locations (branches, dealerships, and auctions) within the Tri-State area. In most cases, there will be a shuttle driver waiting to pick you up and drop you off to retrieve each vehicle.

If you are unemployed, great. (We are hiring full time.)

If you are currently employed, we can coordinate a flexible schedule for you at your leisure.

All transporting jobs are sent out in advance which allows you the opportunity to choose the ones that best suit you. Should you choose not to be locked into a set schedule, no worries, you can select the days you would be interested in working. We can accommodate even one day per week.

If you are interested in this opportunity, click on: EMPLOYEE WELCOME PACKAGE 


  • Everyday a group team text is sent out with a brief description of where to meet (this text is sent out in the evening, no later than 8pm)
  • Depending on your schedule, the driver has the option to either confirm that they are interested in working the next day or if they are not interested, then we ask that you do not respond at all.
  • If you are willing to take the work for the next day, we ask that you respond with the two options:
  1. 4-8 hrs
  2. OT
  • All employees are to sign a COVID Daily Self Screening Questionnaire every time while on duty.
  • Drivers that are not full-time employees are not obligated to work every day.  However, we do ask that if you do opt in for next day work, that you commit (drivers must keep in mind that when you request to work the next day you have taken work from another driver and all runs are pre calculated with you in mind, so please be considerate of those two variants). Two unexpected call outs after receiving work the day before will result in immediate termination.
  • Drivers that are full time are expected to give a two-day notice for all call offs. Five unexpected call outs will result in immediate termination.
  • We are constantly hiring drivers. We offer a $100 bonus for anyone that refers 10 drivers (bonus can only be cashed in if all the drivers you have referred submit an Employee Welcome Package and is eligible for employment).
  • We ask that all drivers drive safely and responsibly. All speeding or moving violations are not the company's responsibility. If, for any reason, we are at fault for a driver receiving a ticket, we will be held liable.
  • Texting while driving is unacceptable. It is against our company policy to text and drive. If a driver is caught in the act of texting and driving, the driver's employment with the company will be automatically terminated.
  • All drivers must have an activated smart phone with a GPS and camera function.
  • We ask that all drivers use Waze as their choice of GPS so that the entire team can be synced.
  • All drivers must take four before and after (pick up and drop off) pictures of the vehicle (front, back, and both sides). All images must be sent to the email:
  • Managers/Lead drivers must have all runs and/or defleets signed off by a security officer at all auctions, as well as a branch employee for branch runs.
  • Managers/Lead drivers must send information on the car make, model, and vin number along with the Driver's name of who drove the vehicle after each run.
  • Dress Code: Casual (uniforms TBD).
  • Lateness is unacceptable - we ask all drivers to be courteous of the rest of the team and company's time. Three latenesses will result in a write up. Two write ups will result in immediate termination.
  • Employee Welcome Package consists of seven steps. The driver must submit the following:
  1. Copy of your Driver's License
  2. Copy of your social security card
  3. Download your driver's abstract from the DMV website
  4. Submit a voided check or bank letter from your bank (to enroll for direct deposit)
  5. Print and sign Employee Application form (10-page form, just sign 5 pages)
  6. Scan all the above and email to
  • Pay: 
  1. We pay our drivers $15 an hour.
  2. We cover all expenses such as gas & tolls.
  3. We pay our drivers on a weekly basis.
  4. All drivers are paid through direct deposit.  If direct deposit is not an option, a paper check will be mailed via regular postal service.
  5. Any driver that exceeds forty hours will be paid time in a half.
  6. The pay cycle runs Monday thru Sunday. Payroll is submitted on Tuesday’s. Direct deposit hits accounts on Friday's.  If a paper check is mailed, you should receive it by Tuesday of the following week.
  7. Each driver is responsible for getting to their first vehicle (which will always be within the five boroughs, if not, a shuttle vehicle will be provided to meet you).
  8. Each driver is responsible for getting home after their last car is dropped off (which will always be within the five boroughs, if not, a shuttle vehicle will be provided to take you into the city).
  9. Start time begins the time you were assigned to be on site and ends when dropping off the first car from your group/team's last drop (exception would be trips coming from out of state, in that case your end time would be once you have touched down into the city).
  10. Last car drop off is considered the first driver to drop off their last car from your group/team that went out. ie: If you are in a group/team of eight and you all leave at the same time, and the first driver to drop off his car is at 5pm, but you dropped off your vehicle at 5:30pm, your end time will count as 5pm.
  • Drivers are not hired unless the Employee Welcome Package has been completed and submitted.

Good day,

Attached you will find a copy of the Application for Employment for Timely Fashion Logistics, Inc.

Please complete the application and forward a copy of the completed document, as well as a copy of a voided check, or a notice from your financial institution, a copy of your driver's license, your Social Security Card, and an up-to-date copy of your Driver's Abstract so that we may upload your information to our payroll system.  Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

Download Application Copy

Submit all the requested documents to