Timely Fashion Logistics, a company that couldn't #stayhome during the Pandemic of 2020.

Customer Obsession

Drive without emotion but with a lot of passion.


You love people! You are great at leading and retaining a team of drivers.

Deliver Results

Your "can do" attitude inspires you to handle labor-intensive delivery work, even when challenges arise.


You’re capable of dealing with the ambiguity of a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

About Us

Timely Fashion Logistics, also known as TFL is a company that provides employment for drivers. Amazon, the most customer-centric company on earth, is our leading client. Amazon has partnered with Timely Fashion Logistic, a Delivery Service Partner (DSP), an independent delivery organization that helps Amazon deliver thousands of packages to customers every day.

As an employee of an Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP), you will work directly for the (DSP) Timely Fashion Logistics that operates out of a local Amazon delivery station. Timely Fashion Logistics operates a fleet of 20-40 vans and has 40-100 employees. We are strategic in hiring, training, and managing a high-performing, hardworking team.

We provide consistent coaching, and support to our staff members to ensure the successful delivery of packages in a 7 day/week, 365 days/year operation. Bring your leadership skills, and we will provide you with all of the technology and operational support you’ll need.

We pride ourselves in hiring strong hands-on leaders who are passionate about delivering smiles to customers across our community down to the last mile, in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.




Uber invites Lisa Rosa, Timely Fashion Logistics founder, to be a guest speaker in representing them to motivate others on the main stage at Pride 2019.



Inshur names Lisa Rosa, founder of Timely Fashion Logistics, Community Champion during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic.

TLC Rental Marketplace

TLC Rental Marketplace

TLC Rental Marketplace Natanyah Menna, owner of TLC Rental Marketplace, says Lisa Rosa, founder of Timely Fashion Logistics, is an excellent example of what a true entrepreneurial leader should be in the transportation world. “As the owner of TLC Rental MarketPlace, a woman-owned business in a predominantly male-dominated industry, I have found it refreshing and encouraging to observe yet another successful female business owner in our field. By her hard work and exemplary dedication to service, Ms. Rosa has been paving the way for other women entrepreneurs interested in our industry.

If you are seeking employment within our organization, we ask that you thoroughly read through our Terms Section (can be found by clicking VEHICLE TRANSPORTING). If you are interested in applying, click into the Employee Welcome Package. Scan and submit all the requested documents to timelyfashionlogistics@gmail.com